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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are in quarantine and therefore, our everyday routines have been disrupted. We are having to spend our time, mostly in our homes, without certain amenities like the gym, the pool, or even going for a jog around the neighborhood. It might be a bit difficult to build a home gym from the ground up, right now, but there are many products available to help get you your workout fix, and maintain your physical fitness. Our health, in particular physical health, is of utmost importance at the moment, and staying in good shape and exercising has been found to be an effective method of boosting immunity, as well as improving mental health. 

Here are some products to keep you fit during self-isolation:

1. Gym In a Bag - $52.79 CAD:

gym in a bag

This kit has all the essentials for an effective full body workout, but with minimal equipment. You get 2 foot harnesses, which can fit a size 5 to a size 15 foot, 2 short and 2 medium resistance bands that give you 8 to 12 pounds of resistance, one long resistance band, 2 padded handles and unlimited access to the Video Workout Library so you can get some workout ideas as well. All these different pieces of equipment fit into a dual-pocket, drawstring bag, which is compact and perfect for storage. The Gym-In-A-Bag is also a great kit to have on the go, once stay at home orders are lifted!

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2. Foldable Pull-Up Bar - $63.99 CAD: 

foldable pull up bar

This bar is a great multi-purpose tool that can be used for a variety of exercises including pull-ups, push-ups, and dips. The bar can be collapsed, for storage, and expanded in a quick two seconds, and only needs a 5 inch (or more) thick door frame, with a lip that is one or more inches thick. The Foldable Pull-Up Bar can hold up to 250 pounds of weight, so it’s a great tool even the most muscular of us. All you have to do is unfold the bar, hook it on your door frame and you’re ready for a good, grueling workout, to get your blood flowing. 

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3. Massage Gun - $294.99 CAD:

percussive therapy gun

Sore muscles are a common side effect of a good workout. Under normal circumstances, you could go get a massage at your favorite spa or visit your chiropractor, but right now that is not really an option. The Massage Gun is an excellent at home alternative. Giving you the deep tissue massage you need for a speedy post-workout recovery, or to just relieve pent up tension. This particular massager can reach muscles 60% deeper than your average at-home massager. The Massage Gun improves your circulation to flush out built up lactic acid, which allows your muscles to repair and relax. This gadget is a comfortable size to easily hold in your hand, and to use on hard to reach spots like your back or shoulders. It is also easy to clean, and can last 45 minutes per charge. 

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4. Smart Body BMI Scale - $119.26 CAD:

smart scale BMI

Quarantining in a home stockpiled with non-perishable foods and snacks is just so tempting. A pantry full of goodies is only a few steps away, and sometimes boredom or stress can lead us to grab a few extra handfuls of Cheetos. Although right now, we should be a lot more gracious to ourselves, it is always useful to keep track of our health. The Smart Body BMI Scale takes 17 different body measurements including fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, and much more! 

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5. Adjustable Stepper - $57.95 CAD:

adjustable stepper

Many of us can’t hit the gym right now because of COVID-19, and a home gym can be expensive to equip and can take up a lot of room. An item like the Adjustable Stepper can be a great way to get your cardio done with minimal equipment. It has 3 height levels to help control the intensity of your workout, whether you just want to get in a quick workout to get your blood flowing or really want to challenge yourself a bit more. 

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6. Abs Toning Belt - $274.65 CAD:

abs toning belt

Another piece of exercise equipment is the Abs Toning Belt; however, the perk of this one is that you can wear it underneath your clothes and get to sculpting your abs whilst doing other things like work, household chores, or helping your children with their online classes. The belt has 100 intensity levels, and 5 different toning programs that can adjust the intensity based on your current needs. The belt is also app controlled, which is available on both iPhone and Android. The belt is also adjustable to fit waist measurements ranging from 24 to 42 inches, and a 7 to 9 inch extension can be added on if necessary. The Abs Toning Belt can help you get beach ready, even during quarantine. 

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7. Back Stretcher - $18.76 CAD:

back stretcher

While social distancing, you may have discovered that your beautiful, comfortable couch is anything but, especially after 7+ hours of sitting on it. Your posture may be impacted and your back health compromised. The Back Stretcher is a great addition to your home, to help maintain your posture. The stretcher can be adjusted to your height and its shape can be customized to fit you just right. This product is a relatively inexpensive way to turn all of your current furniture into ergonomic pieces, keeping your back in good shape and relieving or delaying any posture issues that can arise. 

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8. Adjustable Ankle & Wrist Weights - $34.51 CAD:

adjustable wrist and weight

These wearable weights are an excellent and convenient way to make your at home workouts a little more effective. The weights are a perfect fit regardless of wrist or ankle size, and are made of a neoprene padding material which makes them comfortable too. You will be able to wear them around the house for hours at a time, without any discomfort so as you go about your day, cooking, cleaning, and working you can burn a few extra calories. These Adjustable Weights are also reflective, so when it’s time to go back out into the world you can take your weights on the go, even at night, and know that you will be safe. 

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9. Resistance Loop Bands - $48.51 CAD:

resistance loop bands

This set of five resistance bands can really revolutionize your home workouts. They can be used for those leg workouts and to help you get more benefits from your upper body and arm workouts as well. These colorful Resistance Loop Bands range from the lightest to heaviest resistance, and can be an excellent addition to many workout regiments, including BeachBody, A Little Obsessed, P90X. The bands are made of a 100% natural latex, which is durable and will absolutely not snap, and can be easily wiped off and cleaned between uses. 

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10. Adjustable Steel Jump Rope - $30.19 CAD:

steel jump rope

You don’t have to be a boxer to enjoy the various benefits that come with jump rope training, such as improved coordination, agility, improved foot and ankle strength, a good cardio workout, and it’s fun. This Adjustable Jump Rope is made of steel, making it more durable than leather or PVC ropes and it’s resistant to tangles and kinks. The length of the rope makes it a great workout tool for men and women between 4’9” and 6’6”. If you’re not using the jump rope for a quick workout, it can be great fun for the children too. They can play all the schoolyard jump rope games in the comfort and safety of their own home. 

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These products are all great staples to have in your home, so you can get the most from your workouts during quarantine. We hope you stay safe and healthy during this time. 

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