10 FUN products that keep you ENTERTAINED during COVID-19

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Turning the situation around

The news cycle these past few weeks has been dominated by information about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. The measure that has shown the most success is social distancing. With many of us working from home, you’re not spending hours in your car or on public transport, you get to control your hours and we’re all experiencing more free time than we’ve gotten to enjoy, probably since we were children! The possibilities are endless right now! You could craft, you could game, you could play all sorts of long forgotten board games. Movie nights, where you watch new movies or rewatch old favorites, can be an everyday thing. Having some fun, maybe rediscovering some of our very favorite childhood pastimes and introducing your kids to them, could be a great use of all this time. 

Here is a list of products to keep you and your family entertained!

If you’re looking for products to help keep you safe during the pandemic, check out this article. 

1. Retractable Table Tennis Net (Paddle + Balls included):

Don’t have space for a ping pong table? This Retractable Table Tennis Net kit is exactly what you need. You can basically upgrade any table in your home, and make it a little more fun. The net extends to around 60 inches (1.52 m), and can be clipped on to almost any surface (that is 5 cm thickness or less). The net comes with two paddles, and 3 balls too. So get ready for some healthy competition to spark up, and fun to be had during quarantine, right at your dinner table.

Get it for $18.54 CAD $44.99 CAD

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2. Ice Hockey Battle Table Game:

With so much free time in quarantine, your typical, run of the mill games such as Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Sorry may not be fulfilling your board game needs anymore, why not check out the sports genre of board games with Ice Hockey Battle. Your game board comes fitted with a little divider, and your goal is to sling your little hockey pucks into your opponent's side. This game is hours upon hours of fun, just waiting to be explored!

Get it for $23.50 CAD

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3. 3D Printing Pen Set:

The possibilities are truly endless with the 3D Printing Pen. This gadget takes crafting, doodling and DIY projects to the next level. The pen comes with 60 ft (190 m) of non-toxic, high quality plastic, which hardens quickly and can be used to really test your imagination. The 3D pen can be used with stencils or completely freehand to create anything your heart desires. You can make little doodles to be gifted to your friends and family once you all reunite. The 3D pen can be a great, calming way to pass the time. 

Get it for $88.45 CAD

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4. Flying Gyroscope:

“You cannot exercise and have fun at the same time. Wait… What? You can?”
Imagine you had a flying saucer/gyroscope you can throw like a boomerang, pass it to a friend, and even use it indoors (you don’t want your neighbours to call the cops about a UFO planning to kidnap you). Training equipment is usually expensive, as well as innovative games. So for that price, we can’t really say it’s not a very good bargain. Of course we cannot guarantee you will get cardio training, but we can assure it will definitely make you move all while having fun during this time of quarantine, the only 2 things we should be doing (staying healthy and having fun).

Get it for $14.95 CAD $30.99 CAD

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5. Augmented Reality 3D Stem Cube:

Another product that will “wow” you. Augmented reality products in the market will break your bank. But not this one, because it uses your phone to process the visuals and animations (phones are so overpowered these days, meanwhile people only use them for very basic stuff). Why Augmented reality? Well first of all, it is so cool. Second of all, it helps you visualize, play, learn, and build in 3 dimensions. You can use it to learn with EDU apps, play fun and learning games, build 3D objects (then print them if you have a 3d printer), and most importantly, show off to your friends!

Get it for $14.95 CAD $19.99 CAD

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6. Smart Rubik’s Cube:

One of your favorite childhood toys just got a bit of an upgrade. The Smart Rubik’s Cube is an app-enabled cube that allows you to learn the tricks to solving the enigmatic Cube. You’ll be able to track your progress and time as you solve and resolve your Cube. The Cube itself has wireless connectivity, and has 60+ hours of play time, which makes it a great gadget to use for hours on end especially during your down time in quarantine.The app can also connect you to other users around the world, and right now a little human connection with people who share your system interests is absolutely invaluable. The Smart Rubik’s Cube is a great gadget to keep your mind sharp, and maybe you’ll make some new friends along the way too. 

Get it for $97.45 CAD $139.99 CAD

7. 3D Puzzle Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall:

Step-up your puzzle game with the 3D Harry Potter themed Puzzle! Why build flat 2D puzzles when you can increase the fun by adding an extra level of complexity and end up with a great mock up of the Hogwarts Great Hall! 

Get it for $49.95 CAD

8. Fizzics Draft Pour:

An adult outing that many of us may be missing right now is heading out to the bar for an ice cold beer with our friends. You might have to miss your friends just a little bit longer, but there is no reason to miss those perfectly poured, straight from the tap beers. Using the Fizzics Draft Pour system, powered by USB or 2 AA batteries, will transform your canned or bottled beers into a delicious draft beer. This gadget is a compact size, so it will fit nicely in your kitchen or any room in your house, and with 4 different finishes it can become a great statement piece and will bring the bar right to you. 

Get it for $189.99 CAD

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9. Cards Against Humanity:

Each of us believes ourselves to be the absolute funniest, but what if you could confirm that? The ever popular Cards Against Humanity game has gotten a little expansion, with 150 new cards, each one more hilarious than the last. You can spend hours upon hours playing with those you’re quarantining with, and proving once and for all that you are funnier than the rest of your family or friends.  

Get it for $24.58 CAD

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10. Wicked Bone:

The Wicked Bone is a great toy for your pet, it can be controlled manually through the app or it can be set to interactive mode so that it playfully and automatically responds to your dog’s touch. Your doggy will be entertained for up to 4 hours if in interactive mode. The bone is also gentle on your dog’s teeth but resilient enough to make it through the chewing and nibbling unscathed. To go with the Bone, there is also the Wicked Ball. The ball is also fully automatic and interactive, and doesn’t need an app to control it. The ball will just play with your dog while you get on with your day. Both the bone and ball are easy to clean, and can be cleaned with water as long as the outside shell is securely sealed, as to not affect the inner circuitry. The tires on the bone can also be removed so that they can be washed. These items from the Wicked collection can be bought separately or together, and are a great little treat for your furry best friend. 

Get it for $78.54 CAD $140.68 CAD

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11. Blindfolded Twister Game:

Twister is a game that has been popular since its release in 1966, but now it’s gotten a little makeover. In this version, the game mat is textured so you have to feel around for the right circles and to skillfully avoid the other game players. This version of Twister will definitely spice up family game night during quarantine, and will be a great addition to game nights with your friends afterwards as well.

Get it for $14.53 CAD

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These products are sure to help get the good times rolling over the next few weeks! If you think we missed out on interesting gadgets please let us know in the comment section below!














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