33 Cool Tech Gadgets for Men

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The season of gift shopping has arrived. Aren't you bored of gifting the same gifts every year ? It’s not always easy to figure out the right gift to give. And in looking at how often gifts are returned, it’s clear that we don’t always choose cool stuff. One thing we can all agree on is that men love tech gadgets. Fact.
Our team curated a list of 33 cool must have gadgets to help you through this holiday season. or as we call it here, the tech season.

In this article you will find :

Coolest Tech Gadgets List :

33- The Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack

#33 cool gadgets for men: solar powered speaker


Is your man the adventurous type ? Whether he's a road warrior, working remotely or a busy entrepreneur, this bag ensures he's ready for anything. With an integrated USB port and many other cool features this cool bag will be the last one your man will need.


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32 - Personal Mouse Pad Charger

#32 cool gadgets for men: wireless charging mouse pad


Does your man spend countless hours on his laptop? This gadget is a multi-function mouse pad with a built in wireless charger. Your man will be able to charge his phone by simply placing it on a mouse pad. Practical. It is perfect for men who have everything.


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31 - Solar Powered Speaker & Charger

#31 cool tech gadgets for men: solar bluetooth speaker


This gadget is a Power bank, Bluetooth Speakers, and Solar powered unit! This is one of my favorite products. It is an amazing companion when going camping, or anywhere outdoors. If you're man enjoys spending time outside, then this gift gadget is a must.


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30 - Automatic Guitar Tuner

#30 best guitar tuner


I wish my man played the guitar, but in case yours do, this is the best Guitar Tuner available on the market. It tunes a guitar in under 30 seconds and without any effort required. It is 100% automated, so your man will be able to tune his guitar anywhere, anytime.


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29 - Turn Bottles Into Speakers

#29 cork speaker


Whether you or your man love listening to music while having a nice dinner, or if he's into innovative products, then you should definitely check out this speaker.

Cork Speaker is the world's first micro Bluetooth speaker that boosts sound depth and quality through used bottles. Environmental.


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28 - Reusable Ear Plugs

#28 cool gadgets for men: reusable ear plugs


Whether he's a musician, concert goer, bartender or kindergarten teacher, the Reusable Ear Plugs can help improve quality of life by protecting your men's ears. The Reusable Ear Plugs are the latest and best ear plugs on the market.


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27 - Portable Solar Panel

#27 cool tech gadgets for men: small solar panel


The Small Solar Panel is a cool men's gadget designed to take up little room yet offer excellent efficiency for its size. If your man loves going camping or on excursions, this is the product you should get him to provide him with clean energy during his trip. 


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26 - Smart Posture Corrector

#26 cool gadgets for men: best posture corrector


Help your man take the first step on a journey to better health and wellness with the Best Posture Corrector. This latest tech gadget is an amazing device that reminds him to keep a good posture all day long!


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25 - Air Lounger

#25 cool gadgets for men: blue air lounger


This Air Lounger is a hot new product that lets you hang out in total comfort, wherever you might find yourself. The best gadget for outdoor chilling.


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24 - Adjustable Laptop Stand


If your man spend hours every day hunched over a laptop at your desk, we highly recommend getting him a laptop stand! This gadget allows him to have the correct posture when working on his laptop or tablet.

USD$ 50.21

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23 - Smart Pot

#23 cool gadgets for men: white smart pot on kitchen counter with grown peppers


What if it was as easy to grow a plant as it is to kill it? Using automated, soil-free growing, the Smart Pot removes the guesswork from growing! Your man can now grow all his favorite veggies using this technology.


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22 - Collapsible Luggage

#22 cool gadgets for men: man walking with blue collapsible bag gym bag


Does your man have a busy schedule during the day? We recommend you get him this cool bag. The Collapsible Luggage comes with detachable straps that allow it to be used as a duffel, backpack, or sling. The best and arguably the only size-adjustable bag on the market.


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21 - Sticky Note Printer

#21 cool gadgets for men: black sticky note printer


The Sticky Note Printer is a compact office accessory that lets your man print anything on his phone – no ink required. This cool gadget is the new way of communicating while adding a personal touch.


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20 - Smallest Air Purifier

#20 cool gadgets for men: personal air purifier


This small Air Purifier is a smart personal air system that improves your man's health by freeing his air of viruses! This technology is the smallest air purifier on the market but has a big impact in air quality in the room.


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19 - Hand Crank Charger

#19 cool gadgets for men: red hand crank charger


The Hand Crank Charger is an essential item for any kit bag, vehicle, boat or weekend away. If your man is the type of guy that loves camping or long excursions, the hand crank charger is a tech gadget he needs for instant power on-the-go.


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18 - Wireless Smart Beanie

#18 cool gadgets for men: black wireless smart beanie


The Wireless Smart Beanie is a musical headset beanie which is compatible with Bluetooth enabled Mac and Windows computers without additional driver installations. It connect to any phone also. It is the best gadget accessory for men that enjoy winter sports or simply want to listen to music while staying warm.


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17 - Portable Wind turbine

#17 cool gadgets for men: Portable wind turbine


The Portable Wind Turbine is perfect for expedition teams and anyone who relies on off-grid power. If your man is the type of guy that loves camping, long excursions, or boat rides, the wind turbine will provide him technology that generates clean power during his trips.


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16 - Wireless Waterproof Speaker

#16 cool gadgets for men: wireless waterproof speaker


A definitely cool gadget for men is this product. Does your man sing in the shower? Let the Wireless Waterproof Speaker sing along with him! This cool gadget is completely waterproof and provides clear sound in your bathroom.


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15 - Portable Draft Beer System

#15 cool gadgets for men: fizzics draft pour system


The DraftPour is available in four stunning finishes and uses the popular Micro-Foam Technology to convert his favorite cans or bottles of beer into a nitro-style draft. DraftPour runs on either USB or battery power so your man can enjoy this cool gadget anywhere.


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14 - Smart Tea Brewer

#14 cool gadgets for men: smart tea brewer


Is your man a tea lover? The Tea Brewer is an award winning automatic tea maker gadget that makes it easy to brew any kind of tea, with the taste he want!


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13 - Wearable Water Container

#13 cool gadgets for men: wearable water container


The Wearable Water Container is a hydration sleeve, the perfect solution for hydration in motion. Up your man's sports game with this awesome gadget that allows him to hydrate on-the-go.


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12 - Upright Posture Cushion

#12 cool gadgets for men: upright posture cushion


Upright Posture Cushion is undoubtedly the most ergonomic and comfortable cushion you will find for your man's posture. It is very useful for men that sit long hours on a desk or on their laptops.


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11 - Robot Dog Toy


This Robot Dog Toy is programmed to attract a dog’s attention without any manual operation. This awesome gadget can also be app-controlled and acts as a virtual joystick! Spoil your man's dog with this latest tech.


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10 - High Performance Planner

#10 cool tech gadgets for men: high performance planner


The Productivity Planner is an undated daily planner designed to increase productivity and well-being. If your man is lazy and slacks off, this journal can increase his daily productivity.


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9 - Paper Stool Chair

#9 cool tech gadgets for men: paper stool chair


The Paper Stool Chair can be used in endless ways: it can be a stool, a foot rest, a nightstand, a standing work desk... and much more! The best housewarming present for your man!


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8 - Carry-on Closet

#8 cool tech gadgets for men: carry on closet


The Carry On Closet by Solgaard is designed as a sleek suitcase to help your man stay organized on-the-go with a removable, built-in shelving system that acts as compression cubes when you pack up the suitcase. Charge your phone or laptop on the go with this awesome gadget!


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7 - Levitating Cup

#7 cool tech gadgets for men: levitating cup


Rather than enhancing the taste of the libation, the Levitating CUP enhances the experience surrounding the beverage. Now you can create a gravity defying spectacle surrounding your favorite beverage that is as unique as the contents inside. If you want to enhance your man's silverware with cool levitating cups, this is the gift you need to get!


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6 - Bone Conducting Audio Sunglasses

#6 cool tech gadgets for men: zungle viper black


Take a call or connect to your A.I. These wearable sunglasses offer the best of both worlds — convenience and connection — in a way that allows you to be present with your music as well as your surroundings. Wear the Beats in your life. This cool technology is a must for guys that love listening to music in style.


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5 - Brain Sensing Headband

#5 cool tech gadgets for men: brain sensing head band


Muse is your personal meditation assistant. While you meditate, Muse measures whether your mind is calm or active, and translates that data into weather sounds. When you’re calm, you’ll hear peaceful weather sounds. After each session, review your data, set goals, and build a deeply rewarding meditation practice that gets better every time.


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4 - Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee & Tea Travel Bottle

#4 cool tech gadgets for men: Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee & Tea Travel Bottle


The versatile Perk Triple Insulated bottle will keep coffee or tea hot and fresh for hours. It includes a removable strainer basket for loose tea or fruit infusion and the one touch button is designed for one handed operation. Keep you man's hot drinks insulated throughout the day with this must have gadget.


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3 - Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter

#3 cool tech gadgets for men: Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter


The Segway is a truly "lite" incarnation of the Segway mini PRO. It's scaled down - but not watered down. As a hands-free, cool self-balancing scooter, the mini LITE continues Segway's tradition of innovating personal transportation. It sports the same large pneumatic tires and top speed capability of the mini PRO, and is fully compatible with the Ninebot-Segway mobile app. It's ready to take your man on the urban terrain, indoors and outdoors.


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2 - Portable Strength Training Device & Coaching App

#2 cool tech gadgets for men: Portable Strength Training Device & Coaching App


Activ5 provides full body toning from both sitting and standing positions and tracks your results. Increase your man's strength with this cool coaching gadget.


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1 - EvaPolar Portable Air Cooler and Humidifier

#1 cool tech gadgets for men: Evapolar EvaSMART Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier and Portable


This portable air conditioner has various Smart features to enrich your comfortable experience: works with smart home assistants and is operated via mobile application. It doesn't take much time or effort to install EvaSMART – just pour water in the tank, plug it in, set the Wi-Fi on and enjoy. EvaSMART working principle is based on the natural water evaporation technology. It is the most efficient evaporation air cooler of this type. Depending on your man's need he can now adjust his air preference with this cool tech device.


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How to Pick the Right Gift for Him

It isn't as easy as it seems to pick a gift for your man. For most of my life, I always gifted my man flowers, shirts, wine .. I always wondered if he was pleased with my gifts, trying to convince myself that he really is. But reality is he never was too excited about the gifts, getting the same gift every year. As I said before, men love their gadgets. It's a fact. As old as they are, men will always enjoy innovative technologies. It's NERD's collection includes a lot of cool gadget that you could gift to your man. What I've been trying to do for the past 2 years with It's Nerd is to display enough gadgets to fit every type of man : beer enthusiasts, sportsmen, music lovers, fitness lovers, handy men, and many more. I invite you to check out my list of cool gadgets and let me know what you think in the comments!

Personalize Your Gift

We strongly believe that our list of cool gadgets for men will make your gift shopping for your man easier. However, at It's Nerd we feel that gifts in general have lost touch over the years. Looking back at the history of gifting, it is clear that with the latest tech developments, the internet boom, and the easiness of gifting, people have been inclined to send gifts by ordering online. There is one big problem with this, we lost the personal touch in the gifts we offer to our men. Every gift used to be well taught of, crafted and personalized for the recipient, and It's Nerd is determined to bring this back . How are we doing this ? Check out our Gift Add-Ons page and you will find amazing "personal touch" cool items that can add a very intimate feeling to your gift. Either a personalized mug with a cool picture that he can relate to, or with an awesome box of chocolate that will satisfy your man's sugar tooth. My personal best gadget and add-on for my dad are for sure the awesome draft beer dispenser, with a cool beer glass and a personal postcard. What's yours?

Cool Gadget Box vs single Tech Gadget

I've been going on and on on how to pick the right gadget for your man, and how to find the perfect gift for your man depending on his interests. For the past two years I've been receiving gadgets recommendations, and studying different men interests to create the perfect listings. In March of this year, someone told me "Why don't you create gift boxes depending on men's interest?" It was such a great idea, that I directly contacted my marketing manager and told him to get on it asap. So with the help of many of our customers, we were able to create pre-built gift boxes that will help you with your gift search. Is he a music lover ? Why buy him only one gadget, when you can gift him a specially designed box for music lovers that includes more gadgets, special Add-Ons, and the best part, at a discounted price! Go visit our pre-built boxes and let me know what you think and which box should I work on next in the comments section below! Waiting to hear from you!


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