15 Nerdy Gifts for Him & Her

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In the past, the term “Nerd” has been defined as someone who is not stylish, unsocial, and moreover, boring. Times have changed, and we can all agree that in 2019 Nerd is the new cool. Now, I am sure that all of us know true nerds that need a holiday gift. But how do you find a nerdy gift? What do you do when gaming computers or gaming consoles are out of your budget?
To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of cool item that will make for the perfect gift.

Check out our suggestions below to find something that will put a smile on the face of a nerd in your life.

Gifts for nerds list

15 - Personal Mouse Pad Charger

#15 in nerdy gifts: wireless charging mouse pad


In my opinion, this is one of the nerdiest gift you can get to your loved one. This gadget is a multi-function mouse pad with a built in wireless charger. It enables you to charge your phone by simply placing it on a mouse pad. Practical.


Check it out!

14 - Solar Powered Speaker & Charger

#14 in nerdy gifts: solar Bluetooth speaker


This nerdy gadget is a Power bank, Bluetooth Speakers, and Solar powered unit! This is one of my favorite products. It is an amazing companion when going camping, or anywhere outdoors. If you're man or woman enjoys spending time outside, then this gift is a must.


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13 - Turn Bottles Into Speakers

#13 in nerdy gifts: Cork Speaker


Whether she or he loves listening to music while having a nice dinner, or into innovative tech products, then you should definitely check out this speaker.

Cork Speaker is the world's first micro Bluetooth speaker that boosts sound depth and quality through used bottles. Environmental.


Check it out!

12 - Portable Solar Panel

#12 in nerdy gifts: small solar panel


This portable solar panel is a must for adventurous nerds. It is designed to take up little room yet offer excellent efficiency for its size. If they love going camping or on excursions, then this is the product you should get him to provide him with clean energy during his trip. 


Check it out!

11 - Sticky Note Printer

#11 in nerdy gifts: black sticky note printer


The Sticky Note Printer is a compact office accessory that lets you print anything on his phone – no ink required. This gadget is the new way of communicating while adding a personal touch.


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10 - Wireless Smart Beanie

#10 in nerdy gifts: black wireless smart beanie


The Wireless Smart Beanie is a musical headset beanie which is compatible with Bluetooth enabled Mac and Windows computers without additional driver installations. It connect to any phone also. If you have a low budget, this would be a perfect nerdy gift for men & women that enjoy winter sports or simply want to listen to music while staying warm.


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9 - Hand Crank Charger

#9 in nerdy gifts: red hand crank charger


Another gift for the adventurous nerd type is this Hand Crank Charger. It is an essential item for any kit bag, vehicle, boat or weekend away. If you're is the type of guy that loves camping or long excursions, the hand crank charger is a nerdy product you need for instant power on-the-go.


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8 - Smart Tea Brewer

#8 in nerdy gifts: smart tea brewer


Is your loved one a tea lover? The Tea Brewer is an award winning automatic tea maker gadget that makes it easy to brew any kind of tea, with the taste he want!


Check it out!

7 - Carry-on Closet

#7 in nerdy gifts: carry on closet


The Carry On Closet by Solgaard is designed as a sleek suitcase to help your man stay organized on-the-go with a removable, built-in shelving system that acts as compression cubes when you pack up the suitcase. Charge your phone or laptop on the go with this awesome gift!


Check it out!

6 - Bone Conducting Audio Sunglasses

#6 cool tech gadgets for men: zungle viper black


Take a call or connect to your A.I. These wearable sunglasses offer the best of both worlds — convenience and connection — in a way that allows you to be present with your music as well as your surroundings. Wear the Beats in your life. This gift item is a must for nerds that love listening to music in style.


Check it out!

5 - Wireless Waterproof Speaker

#5 in nerdy gifts: wireless waterproof speaker


A definitely nerdy gadget is this product. Do you sing in the shower? Let the Wireless Waterproof Speaker sing along with you! This cool gadget is completely waterproof and provides clear sound in your bathroom.


Check it out!

4 - Portable Wind turbine

#17 cool gadgets for men: Portable wind turbine


The Portable Wind Turbine takes nerds to the next level. It is perfect for expedition teams and anyone who relies on off-grid power. If your man is the type of guy that loves camping, long excursions, or boat rides, the wind turbine will provide him technology that generates clean power during his trips. How cool is it for a nerd to own a wind turbine?


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3 - Smallest Air Purifier

#3 in nerdy gifts: personal air purifier


This small Air Purifier is a smart personal air system that improves your health by freeing the air around nerds of viruses! This technology is the smallest air purifier on the market but has a big impact in air quality in the room. Pretty nerdy gift I would say.


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2 - The Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack

#2 in nerdy gifts: solar powered speaker


Are you the adventurous type ? Whether you're a road warrior, working remotely or a busy entrepreneur, this bag ensures you are ready for anything. With an integrated USB port and many other cool features this cool bag will be the last one you will need.


Check it Out!

1 - EvaPolar Portable Air Cooler and Humidifier

#1 in nerdy gifts: Evapolar EvaSMART Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier and Portable


This portable air conditioner has various Smart features to enrich your comfortable experience: works with smart home assistants and is operated via mobile application. It doesn't take much time or effort to install EvaSMART – just pour water in the tank, plug it in, set the Wi-Fi on and enjoy. EvaSMART working principle is based on the natural water evaporation technology. It is the most efficient evaporation air cooler of this type. Depending on your need, you can now adjust your air preference if you gift it to your nerdy partner.


Check it out!


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