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COVID-19: Current Situation & Steps to Prevent It

Over the last few weeks, we have watched governments and citizens across the world grapple with our new reality, trying to address the newest strain of the coronavirus. Although this particular type of virus has existed since the sixties, this new strain has reached the level of a pandemic. Other strains such as SARS and MERS were both considered epidemics, and were never escalated to the level of COVID-19. It’s important to understand what all of these different terms mean, so that we can react proportionally to the situation, and understand why certain measures are being taken.
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Men & Shopping

Men are notoriously difficult to shop for, and this is a gendered stereotype that has stood the test of time regardless of the cultural and social shifts that society undergoes. This is because the sentiment rings true, even as generations and time passes. Getting through the gift giving holidays peppered throughout the year can be difficult, especially when on your list of recipients are some men. 
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Rediscovering the Outdoors

The winter can be a rough season for many, but it’s almost over and spring is less than a month away. With spring comes a whole world of possibilities. Festivals, outdoor events and even rediscovering the most beautiful parts of nature are just around the corner. It’s an exciting time and the anticipation can be thrilling, but it can be difficult to plan a weekend getaway that can really undo the winter blues. 
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How Millennials Killed Hobbies

One thing that helps millennials stand out from the crowd is the number of industries we have been accused of killing. Some our generation’s most notable victims have been mayonnaise, traditional weddings, and sadly even hobbies. Now the first two are not that tragic, because mayonnaise is not the healthiest condiment and traditional weddings may not be the most convenient path for everyone, considering the hefty price tag.
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The Importance of Self Care in Modern Days

There has been a recent trend of self care that is seen all across social media platforms, and this trend has generally been attributed to millennial culture. The root cause of such a positive trend is the recent uptick of physical and mental health issues that seem to be more common now in younger individuals. The decline in mental and physical health has been attributed to more stress in the day-to-day lives of individuals, which can have people turning to unhealthy and toxic coping mechanisms. This is why the conversation surrounding self care has been such a crucial one. 
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2010 - 2020: The Hottest Decade On Record

At the end of 2019, climate scientists and researchers reviewed the numbers and determined that the 2010-2019 was in fact the hottest decade on record. We watched the oceans research their hottest temperatures yet, which has affected marine biodiversity, and coral reefs. We have helplessly stood by and watched as the eastern coast of Australia was engulfed in flames, and as a locust outbreak brought by hotter and drier than normal conditions in several African countries including Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia worsened their ongoing famine issues. Climate change is no longer a theoretical possibility, it’s happening right now and affecting people all across the world. 
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Montréal: A Research & Innovation Hub

In Canada, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit is highly encouraged and can be well financed if your idea proves to be good enough. With government programs set up specifically to help fund and trademark the best of the best ideas, and to ensure that any piece of technology, as long as it is worthwhile and valuable, actually comes to fruition by ensuring that the financial barrier is somewhat reduced.