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A Closer Look on the Numbers

At the end of 2019, climate scientists and researchers reviewed the numbers and determined that the 2010-2019 was in fact the hottest decade on record. We watched the oceans research their hottest temperatures yet, which has affected marine biodiversity, and coral reefs. We have helplessly stood by and watched as the eastern coast of Australia was engulfed in flames, and as a locust outbreak brought by hotter and drier than normal conditions in several African countries including Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia worsened their ongoing famine issues. Climate change is no longer a theoretical possibility, it’s happening right now and affecting people all across the world. Even closer to home, our winters have been getting warmer, which is a concern for the agricultural community as certain fruit trees are flowering sooner than they should, which can affect overall yield and thus affect people’s livelihoods. With all this bad news, it can be so deflating. Thankfully though, not all hope is lost. 2019 in particular was the year that we’ve watched people come together from all walks of life to make sure that the lawmakers and those in positions of power listen, and help enact lasting legal change that can help us reverse climate change so that we pass on a healthier environment and planet to generations to come. Time magazine honoured Greta Thunberg as Person of the Year, as her pleas to take action echoed across the world. She immobilized generations of people, young and old, to march and go on strike to fight the good fight for our planet. It can be intimidating to consider how much work we have to improve conditions, but the best part is that the burden doesn’t fall on one person’s shoulders. We can collectively come together, do our part and pitch in to save the planet. 

Ecology Friendly Shopping 

In 2020, one way to contribute positively and make your voice heard is to speak with your money. This means, you use your money to invest in eco-friendly products as well as support brands who ethically and sustainably source their products. It’s NERD offers an array of products that can help you on your eco-friendly journey. Some of our products help reduce waste and the usage of single-use plastics, such as the Wearable Water Container, which is essentially a hands-free water bottle, that effectively eliminates the need for plastic water bottles. Our rainbow array of Reusable Straws can be a great alternative to plastic straws, which pose a significant hazard to marine life, and definitely more durable than paper or cardboard straws. It’s NERD also offers an exciting selection of innovative gadgets that allow you to explore alternative and renewable energy resources, at affordable prices. Not every household can afford to mount Tesla solar panels on their roofs. Through our gadgets, you can experience what it would be like to use solar and wind energy, without the hefty price tag. Our Portable Solar Panel Charger is a great item to have in your collection. It helps you power your most beloved pieces of modern day technology, such as your smartphones, GoPro, and much more but using a sustainable energy resource. If the sunshine is hard to come by in your area, we also offer a Portable Wind Turbine which uses wind energy to help you power up your devices too. All of the items in our eco-friendly collection can help you implement small changes in your life, that can have a massive impact in improving our world.  

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