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Root Cause of Hobbies Disappearing 

One thing that helps millennials stand out from the crowd is the number of industries we have been accused of killing. Some our generation’s most notable victims have been mayonnaise, traditional weddings, and sadly even hobbies. Now the first two are not that tragic, because mayonnaise is not the healthiest condiment and traditional weddings may not be the most convenient path for everyone, considering the hefty price tag. However, the decline in the enjoyment of hobbies is a sad one. There tends to be a more passive approach to spending our free time, where instead of creating something, like writing, painting, knitting, or engaging in outdoor activities we choose to spend our time with streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, DisneyPlus, and PrimeVideo. 

One of the true killers of hobbies is hustle culture, which essentially is making workaholism trendy. It is no secret that in the world as it stands right now, there is a lot of competition that millennials and Gen Z have to face. More people are pursuing higher education, being that entry level positions now have higher requirements than before. Not only are you competing within the workforce in your city or town, but there is an inherent sense of competition that accompanies social media. Influencers are basically marketing themselves as brands, and they get to leave these fabulous, luxe lives that most of us can only dream of living. As we scroll through our feeds on Instagram and Twitter, you can easily get a little envious and feel motivated to work harder so you can earn more, and make people watch as you recreate the magical Greek holidays that you’ve watched on your own feed. Hobbies in essence are a pretty productive use of your time, because you are using your brain and body to create something, which can be relaxing and stimulating at the same time. However, being productive without being able to monetize your creations may be a contributing factor to the decline of hobbies. If you’re spending your time making something but you can’t sell it, then is it worth making? Yes, it is. 

Rediscovering Hobbies

Hobbies and creation do not necessarily have to mean disconnection, and there are gadgets that will allow you to explore new hobbies while using the best of the 21st century technology to keep you engaged. For instance, the Smart Rubik’s Cube brings a classic past-time into the future. The rubik’s cube has a reputation for being an unsolvable puzzle, but with this smart cube you get to train and track your progress, and eventually you will be able to solve this puzzle. It is really a fitting item for any and everyone. The Electric Paper Plane is another item that recaptures your childhood. This carbon fibre, crash proof, app controlled plane is such a great way to get you outside on those sunny days, to enjoy the fresh air. On gloomier days, you can still enjoy your plane indoors. The electric paper plane is a great way to rediscover all the best parts of childhood, when you would build your paper planes and see how far yours would go, and although this electrical plane has a 180 foot range, it will most likely beat out all the other paper planes. Another great hobby is gardening. Many of us live in apartment buildings and big cities where we do not necessarily have access to backyards or community gardens, where we can do some gardening. The Botanium makes planting fruits, vegetables and herbs a very real possibility within the confines of any space. The Botanium also takes the guesswork out of gardening, and makes the learning curve a little less steep. The Botanium comes with a growing medium that is compatible with a variety of plants, and the app automates the watering process so that you do not over or under water your plants. You get to enjoy the fruits of your labour, and learn a new skill with ease. 

Check out It’s Nerd for more fun gadgets, and innovative products that will allow you to rediscover your passions. Hobbies are a worthwhile use of your time, because you allow yourself to relax and reset as you face the challenges of the hustle in our modern world.


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Seriously, the Millennials don’t have time or money for hobbies because us Baby Boomers wrecked the economy. Left them with student debt, million dollar house prices, hustle culture, gig economy etc etc etc. It is a bit rich to blame them.



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