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Men are notoriously difficult to shop for, and this is a gendered stereotype that has stood the test of time regardless of the cultural and social shifts that society undergoes. This is because the sentiment rings true, even as generations and time passes. Getting through the gift giving holidays peppered throughout the year can be difficult, especially when on your list of recipients are some men. However, the cycle of agonizing over what to do buy can be broken by taking a closer look at the research and statistics surrounding men’s shopping and spending habits. To shop well for a man, it might be beneficial to understand how he might think and how he approaches shopping. 

One cross-generational study examined the shopping habits of men who belonged to four different generations, the oldest being the silent generation and the youngest being millennials. Interestingly, the study has shown that younger men tend to enjoy shopping a lot more than their older counterparts, and although, on average, do not exhibit the same shopping behaviors as women, they actually don’t view shopping as a chore. Another study has found that emotions actually play a huge role in how men perceive items and how they approach the retail environment. If positive emotions are triggered, then men actually enjoy the retail space the same amount as women do. What both studies have concluded is that male shopping decisions are mainly governed by two major things, practicality and time efficiency. Women, on the other hand, have a tendency to be more careful with what they spend their money on and tend to be more willing to do some comparison shopping before committing to the perfect item

Gifts For Men

Essentially what we can conclude is that shopping for men is actually not that stressful of a task, because although they don’t seem to want anything, because the issue is the lack of an ideal shopping environment rather than a lack of products that men will enjoy. You buying a gift for the special men in your life, especially your dad or grandfather, is actually double the gift. You’ve given him a product that he will enjoy, while bypassing the actual shopping process. As the studies have shown, men value practicality and time efficiency not just in the retail environment but also in the products that they seek out, which is why innovative gadgets are a pretty perfect gift. 

The gadgets and inventive products  in It’s NERD collection of gadgets caters quite well to a variety of different interests, whilst always maintaining the practicality aspect. An item such as The Adjustable Bag can truly be a staple in any man’s collection regardless of his day-to-day life. It is adjustable after all, and can be customized to fit every occasion. An item like the Automatic Guitar Tuner can be an immensely useful gift for the musician in your life. It’ll be a gift he will definitely appreciate, because it ticks all the boxes. It’s inventive, practical and time efficient. The Beard & Hair Straightener is another home run, as it is an item that really does streamline the getting ready process, making it more enjoyable and less of a chore. This is also an item he may not realize he needs, until he has it. 

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