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A Vibrant City with a Passion for Innovation 

In Canada, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit is highly encouraged and can be well financed if your idea proves to be good enough. With government programs set up specifically to help fund and trademark the best of the best ideas, and to ensure that any piece of technology, as long as it is worthwhile and valuable, actually comes to fruition by ensuring that the financial barrier is somewhat reduced. A program such as Invest Canada for instance allows companies, regardless of size that are dedicated to research and development, to take advantage of a tax incentive program, which makes the company eligible for reduced income tax rates and other deductions as well as being provided guidance on how to best use the money to invest back into the company. Taking advantage of a program like Invest Canada in Montreal is a best case scenario, because your overhead costs are a little lower and now you’re freeing up more capital to be reinvested into your research to ensure that your product is the best it can be. 

Of the big cities in Canada, Montreal proves itself to be quite a unique one. With all the amenities of a large city, such as large businesses headquartered here, huge universities, and a relatively substantial amount of cultural diversity; however, what makes Montreal different is that your dollar stretches here significantly further than it would in other provinces. There is a lower cost of living, without necessarily compromising quality of life, which frees up people’s capital and allows for invest opportunities to be explored more seriously by the everyday person, and not just the “business tycoons” among us. Which makes it the perfect city to take a risk, and try something new. 

Montreal research hub innovation its nerd

It's NERD's Headquarters

In recent years, Montreal has found itself being a hub for startups in several fields of industry, and Montreal has embraced the new shift in industry by being host to one of the bigger startup festivals in the country. There has been a particular interest in technology startups. With companies such as Ubisoft and Warner Brothers being significant job providers in the city, it’s no wonder that a large variety of tech innovation, whether that be AI software, or CGI technology, is highly sought after. According to one report, Montreal has seen an increase on 29.5% increase in total tech degrees, which allowed Montreal to secure its place in a top 15 list for tech talent in the entirety of North America. An incredible success story to come right out of Montreal was SCALE.AI selected by government to receive a portion of a 950 million dollar grant to continue their research and development. 

For us at It’s NERD selecting Montreal as our headquarters was a straightforward decision. We are surrounded by the creativity, enthusiasm and innovative capacity of so many others, which is an electrifying, educational and priceless experience. We also have access to such a large pool of well-educated, talented individuals, from different a huge variety of backgrounds, who would prove to be assets as our business grows and evolves. Being part of the startup scene here has allowed to refine, and reconsider our goals and to explore directions that we may not have considered otherwises. We’ve expanded so far beyond the initial idea of our company, finding ourselves constantly learning and developing to best understand the needs of the market and how to be the best at providing those solutions. The longer we stay on the scene, the more we get to learn from our peers, and the more we get to serve our community and hopefully someday, the world. 

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