rediscovering the outdoors camping

Rediscovering the Outdoors

The winter can be a rough season for many, but it’s almost over and spring is less than a month away. With spring comes a whole world of possibilities. Festivals, outdoor events and even rediscovering the most beautiful parts of nature are just around the corner. It’s an exciting time and the anticipation can be thrilling, but it can be difficult to plan a weekend getaway that can really undo the winter blues. 
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How Millennials Killed Hobbies

One thing that helps millennials stand out from the crowd is the number of industries we have been accused of killing. Some our generation’s most notable victims have been mayonnaise, traditional weddings, and sadly even hobbies. Now the first two are not that tragic, because mayonnaise is not the healthiest condiment and traditional weddings may not be the most convenient path for everyone, considering the hefty price tag.