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Sleep Depravation, Stress & Anxiety Issues

There has been a recent trend of self care that is seen all across social media platforms, and this trend has generally been attributed to millennial culture. The root cause of such a positive trend is the recent uptick of physical and mental health issues that seem to be more common now in younger individuals. The decline in mental and physical health has been attributed to more stress in the day-to-day lives of individuals, which can have people turning to unhealthy and toxic coping mechanisms. This is why the conversation surrounding self care has been such a crucial one. 

Through sleep studies, the recommended amount of sleep for adults between the ages of 18 to around 59 is 7-8 hours. There are some truly alarming statistics that have been collected from across the world that show a strong positive correlation between stress and lack of sleep. Japan leads the pack when it comes to an absolutely striking sleep deficit and stress. Within Japanese culture, there is an immense focus on productivity. The more you work, the more respected you are which explains the massive amounts of stress the everyday person is under. Similarly, around 40% of American adults surveyed have reported under-sleeping, for a variety of reasons but stress has been a cause cited. Closer to home, however, there we have seen an increase in mental health and physical health issues especially here in Canada. The stress and sleep-deprivation has become a public health issue, so much so that new Finnish administration helmed by Sanna Marin is testing out a four-day work week, to allow for her citizens to spend more time taking care of themselves and ensuring that their quality of life is improved due to an increased dedication to self care. 

Self Care Tech

These facts and figures can certainly be cause for concern; however, it’s important to understand that they are not there to sound off alarm bells to serve as a reminder to take better care of ourselves, and those around us. Some of our gadgets at It’s NERD can help you do just that. One item that can improve your sleep is the Dodow. This gadget combines the latest in cognitive behavioural therapy, as well as yoga and meditate to help you get to sleep faster, and improve your quality of sleep through the night. Using a light metronome, Dodow re-educates your mind and trains it to fall into slow wave sleep quicker. Another sleep aid gadget is the Silent Mode Mask, this mask uses a one of a kind super sonic audio system, and a noise isolating technology to ensure that your sleep is peaceful and uninterrupted. It’s also made of memory foam to guarantee comfort, and a Japanese microfibre that allows for a total blackout effect, so no lights and visual stimuli can disrupt your sleep. Another fitting item is our Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball. This little stress ball allows you to improve your grip strength and relieve your stress, by using its built in Bluetooth technology. Basically, you connect your stress ball to your phone, and you use one of the pre-loaded, incredibly entertaining four games. Each game allows you to channel your stress in a more positive way, as well as allowing you to compete against your loved ones. Part of the fun is that you get to share it with your friends and family who may be dealing with some stress of their own. 

There are so many more gadgets that will help on your self care journey, and exploring our website will introduce you to all sorts of items that revolutionize the concept of self care by easily integrating it into your daily routine. You can easily improve your quality of life, and mental health by implementing small changes that can make a  big difference. 

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