Cool Things

Cool Things

From the newest technologies, to best gadgets that makes your life easier. We have curated a collection of the coolest stuff you can buy online.

The Perfect Air Lounger

This Air Lounger is a hot new product that lets you hang out in total comfort, wherever you might find yourself.

$75.78 USD


Adjustable Laptop Stand

If you spend hours every day hunched over a laptop at your desk, we highly recommend a laptop stand!

$50.21 USD


The Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack

Whether you’re a road warrior, working remotely or a busy entrepreneur, this bag ensures you’re ready for anything. 

$194.84 USD


Turn Bottles Into Speakers

Cork Speaker is the world's first micro Bluetooth speaker that boosts sound depth and quality by upcycling a used bottle.

$76.50 USD


3 in 1 Solar Powered Speaker & Charger

With the Solar Bluetooth Speaker & Charger you can charge your phone, play your music & hang out in the sun with friends or when travelling!

$124.50 USD


Noise Reduction Earplugs

Whether you’re a musician, concert goer, bartender or kindergarten teacher, the Reusable Ear Plugs can help improve quality of life by protecting your ears.

$72.1 USD


Your Personal Mousepad Charger

What if you can charge your phone by simply placing it on your mousepad?

$41.07 USD


The Smallest Air Purifier

Small Air Purifier is a smart personal air system that improves your health by freeing your air of viruses!

$98.32 USD


High Productivity Planner

The Productivity Planner is an undated daily planner designed to increase productivity, well-being and getting things done.

$22.32 USD


Spoil Your Dog With an Interactive Toy

This Robot Dog Toy is programmed to attract the dog’s attention without any manual operation. The toy can also be app-controlled and acts as a virtual joystick!

$97.50 USD


The Bag That Grows

The Collapsible Luggage comes with detachable straps that allow it to be used as a duffel, backpack, or sling.

$117.50 USD


Go Beyond the Post-It Note

The Sticky Note Printer is a compact office accessory lets you print anything on your phone – no ink required. 

$150.40 USD


Wearable Hydration

The Wearable Water Container is a hydration sleeve, the perfect solution for hydration in motion. 

$39.72 USD


Sit Weightless

Upright Posture Cushion is undoubtedly the most ergonomic and comfortable cushion you will find!

$60.00 USD